Maranatha Bible Chruch, Willmar, Minnesota Willmar Bible
Pastor Thomas Radtke
Special Occasions
Freedom In Christ
Being Set Free
A New Master
Presenting Yourself to God
Our Identification With Christ
Amazing Grace
Remembering Our Reconciliation
A Hope That Will Not Fail
The Fullness of Time
What Grace Gives
The Blessings of Justification
Peace With God
Ritual Won't Justify
Justification by Faith Alone
Guest Speaker, Stephen Radtke - Daniel 1
Stephen Radtke - Who You Were vs. Who You are Now
Righteousness By Imputation
What God's Grace Demonstrates
Righteousness Declared
The Glory of God
Why All Need Salvation
Being Declared Righteous
God Gives Us Hope
All Need Salvation
The Importance of Scripture
Don't Neglect the Light
We are Without Excuse
Don't Reject God's Light
God's Just Wrath
Growing in Grace
Let Freedom Ring
Be Steadfast
A Father's Wisdom
The Impact of Prophecy
Graduation Sunday - Having a Purpose
Remembering the Price Paid
Remember God's Warnings
God's Gift
Resurrection Effects
Our Resurrection Explained
Our Resurrection Defended
The Order of the Resurrections
Resurrection Sunday
Palm Sunday - The Triumphal Entry
Amazing Bible Prophecies
Know Your Standing in Christ
Stay on the Rails
The Way of Balaam
Remembering Our Redemption
The Way of Cain
Don't Be a Drifter
False Teachers Described
Judgement & Salvation
Focusing on Our Hope
Remembering the SEED
Preserving the SEED
Departing in Peace
"Who IS Jesus?" Christmas Program
Christmas "A Child is Born"
Gabriel's Visit
Who IS Jesus?
Deliverance in Judgement
False Teachers Will Be Judged
There is Error in the Air
Special Guest speaker, Dave Hannig
Veteran's Sunday - Peter's Defense of the Scripture
Guest Speaker Dave Hannig
Peter's Legacy
How Not to Stumble
Wealth's Responsibilities
Great & Precious Promises
Remembering the Grace of God
Guest Speaker, Steve Radtke
Guest Speaker, Dave Hannig
Peter in Review
The God of All Grace
Suffering's Purpose
Being Steadfast in the Faith
Casting ALL Your Cares Upon Him
The Humble Servant
Bearing the Reproach of Christ
All to the Glory of God
The Truth Will Make You Free
Death to the Old Life
Father's Day: Building on a Solid Foundation
The Blessing of Unjust Suffering
The Blessing of Suffering
Memorial Day, Remembering the Price Paid
The Glory of Unjust Suffering
The Humble Mindset
Mother's Day May 8, 2022 Mother's Day - The Virtuous Life
God's Structure in Marriage
The Suffering Example of Jesus
He Is Risen
Remembering the Lamb (Palm Sunday)
1 Corinthians 15:1-11 - Guest Speaker, Dave Hannig
Joshua 23 (Steve Radtke)
Sunday 3/9/2014 (Steve Radtke)
Sunday 12/22/2013 (Steve Radtke)
#6 - Labor (Charles Clough)
#5 - Labor (Charles Clough)
#4 - Labor (Charles Clough)
#3 - Labor (Charles Clough)
#2 - Labor (Charles Clough)
#1 - Labor (Charles Clough)
Obadiah - Steve Radtke
#6 - Acts 2:42 - Common Priorities in the Early Church
#5 - Miracles in Acts: Their Beginning & End
#4 - Five Characteristics of Acts
#3 - The Significance of the Name of Jesus in Acts: 31 Times
#2 - Acts 2:38 - Salvation in His Name, Not in Water
#1 - Acts 1:8-9: Jesus Prophetic Statements & Its Fulfillment
Guest Speaker - Steve Radtke
Jesus Came to Save All
Christmas Program
Les Feldick - Session 2
Les Feldick - Session 1
The Fading Flower
The Book of Ezra
Freedom in Christ
Fathers Day
Mothers Day
Unblemished Lamb
Palm Sunday
Annual Meeting

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